Sunday, September 28, 2014

Through My Mother's Eyes 1911 - 2014

This mixed media collage represents various stages of my Mother's 102 year + 11 month journey of life. 
I created it in 2011 to celebrate her 100th birthday.

Edith Freeman Elswood

Born 25 October 1911 - Died 25 September 2014

Grand-daughter of Utah Pioneers
Father's farm hand
Sweets candy worker
Married E. Robert Elswood 21 June 1935
Relief Society President during WWII
Garden Club member
Young Women's President
PTA President
Single mother of 4
Book keeper - working 2 part time jobs
Guide Patrol scout leader
Loves flowers and working in her yard
Graduate of Snow College after age 60
Full time missionary 3 times - California, Texas and Utah
Grandmother of 15
Great-grandmother of 38
Line dancing and teaching primary at age 90 +
Moved to Costa Rico shortly before her 100th birthday

Her ghostly metaphoric image reflects a loss of her presence. The canvas is mounted on aged patina metal. Photography fastened with various devices. My sister Elaine contributed with photos and information of Mother's history.


  1. What an amazing and rich inheritance you have through this woman, your mother!

    Peace be with you at this time. Susan