Sunday, August 24, 2014

The Bard

plein air, oil, 8" x 8", 'Near Cedar City'

Are you heading to the Utah Shakespeare Festival in Cedar City? It is a fun event! 
The Bard is celebrating 450 years. 
How has Shakespeare influenced your everyday sayings?

Friday, August 8, 2014

Wales Canyon Trail Ride

studio, oil, 8" x 16", 'Wales Canyon'

Wales is a town in Sanpete County, Utah. About 13 miles from where I live. Wales has no stores, gas stations nor stop lights. The population in 2012 census was 297. The small mining town of Wales was named for the country of the immigrants that were sent there by Brigham Young in 1854 to mine the "rock that burns". A Native American named Tabison, a prominent Ute, had shown Young a small sample of coal. The Welsh immigrants, having experience with coal mining in the U.K., were sent to the west side hills to set up mines.
The community's original name was Coal Bed, but was changed to Wales in 1857. There once was a railroad depot and it was an important and busy mining center. The mines and train were abandoned when more productive mines were discovered in Scofield, Utah. Many of the present residents are descendants of the original miners.
Wales lies on the west side of the Sanpete Valley, at the foot of the Sanpitch Mountains. 
This is the overlook of the Sanpete Valley on my trail ride.