Friday, September 12, 2014

12 One Onion a Day, Keep Doc Away!

studio, oil, 6" x 6", 'Onions to Rings' 


  • Idaho ranks 4th in the nation in onion production.
  • Southwest Idaho is famous for the Giant Spanish sweet onions
  • 25% of all U.S. onions come directly from the Snake River Valley of Southwest Idaho and Eastern Oregon.

Did you know that onions contain a flavonoid called "quercetin" which protects against ca
taracts, cardiovascular disease, and cancer? Onions may help lower blood pressure and cholesterol. They are a source of fiber, vitamin B6, Folate and vitamin C.

This time of year during the harvest, it is easy to spot onions scattered over bumpy back roads and the interstate curves in Eastern Oregon and Idaho counties of Canyon, Payette, Washington, Owyhee, Ada and Magic Valley area. 

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