Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Going, going...

plein air, 6" x 6", acrylic, 'Night Skiing'

Kelly Canyon Ski Resort is located in the Targhee National Forest near the south fork of the Snake River northeast of Idaho Falls. Kelly Canyon was founded by E. Bud Johnson and established in 1957. Bud was a workaholic with farming as his passion. He began a successful dry land farming career on the foothills east of Idaho Falls in 1938. He created a winter job by developing the Kelly Canyon Ski Area. He owned and operated the area for twelve years. 

I have been involved with the Discovery Elementary School Ski Club for the past 2 months. Students from the local area are bused to the Kelly Canyon Ski Resort for night skiing. Ski and snowboard instructors meet beginning students for 1 hour lessons. The slopes are littered with newbies and encouraging adults.

It is amazing how quickly kids take to these fun winter sports. Their center of gravity is so low to the ground, they seem to pop up after a spill and keep going. They are so resilient and daring! 

Is it possible for us to do the same in our personal and professional lives? Are we resilient to changes and transitions? Can we pop up after something negative happens to us? Do you know how to snow plow?

Looking out the lodge window gave an interesting perspective to my ski season adventure. 

Thursday, February 21, 2013

I Feel Honorably Mentioned

plein air, 12" x 16", oil, 'Smokey Mountain Road' 
Honorable Mention Award, 9th Annual Escalante Canyons Art Festival 2012

I was ecstatic when I received this text from my artist friend Brad Holt from Cedar City, Utah about the March 2013 issue of Plein Air Magazine. It is about our recent awards at the 9th Annual Escalante Canyons Art Festival last Fall. I received the Honorable Mention Award for Oils. Brad Holt receive the Artists' Choice Award, and was also the featured artist of the Festival. I am on the front row and center, surrounded by other fun loving artists.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Tractor Jockey

studio, 9" x 10", oil, 'Let's Get To It!'

Have you ever plowed a huge field? I have! This is a picture of my first field to plow, disc, level and plant all by myself (and with a little help from my friends). The ground has to be not too wet or not too dry for the plow shears to cut the sod like a butter knife. The turned over earth glistens in the sunlight. It isn't rocket science, just plain old common sense and direction. 

Along with getting the ground ready for seeds to grow, plans need to be made for irrigation. Every year, on or about, the third Wednesday of February, the Pleasant Creek Irrigation Company's annual meeting is held at the City Hall on Main Street in Mount Pleasant, Utah. Share holders come with great anticipation of the new year and hopes for good even steady water for a bounteous harvest. We don't have any reservoirs to hold the spring run off so what snow pack is in the mountains represents our irrigation. If the spring and early summer temperatures are too warm, the snow will melt fast and be gone before the crops become established and flourish with adequate water.

The Pleasant Creek Irrigation Company Board 2010-2014

Angie Parish, Secretary; Mark Jorgensen, President; Bud Gallop, Board Member; and Keith Ranck, Board Member. Not pictured Board Members are Dave Brothersen and myself, Carol Johansen
Stock holders come to hear last year's minutes, 
reports, business items and discuss concerns.

Are you looking forward to spring 2013 too? 

Monday, February 18, 2013

Cat Chat

studio, 10" x 8", oil, 'What Do You Want? I Want You!' 

This is a painting of a rescued cat named Montana. He lived happily for 17 years.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

How Do I Become a Digital Citizen?

studio, 16" x 20", oil, 'Powder Delight'

I was told I was not a digital citizen but I could immigrate. WHAT?? Yah, it's true. People in my age group and older have difficulties in this digital age. It isn't intuitive as it is for those 28 years and younger.

I didn't grow up as a screenager like my granddaughters. Now days kids can handle remotes, Ipads, etc.
So how do you enter the digital country?
  • Be smart get a smart phone and use it!
  • Start a blog or spring clean your old blog. 
  • Sign up for Twitter and start lurking around. (Send me a tweet @Carol_Johansen.)
  • Start a Facebook page to promote your artwork and advertise your newsletters and workshops.
  • Post a painting demo on YouTube and link it to your website or blog.
  • Connect with other like minded artists on Pinterest, LinkedIn and Google+.
What do you think? Is it possible to become digitized?

Be fearless and enjoy the journey!

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Winter Icebox

plein air, 8" x 10", oil

My painting 'Single Digits' was completed by the Rose Ponds along the Snake River near Blackfoot, Idaho in January right before the sunset. The temperature was 5 degrees.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

2 For 1

still life, 6"x 6", oil, 'I Just Want to Bloom'

Early this morning I went to WalMart to pick up some valentines for my first grade class. As I entered the store several men were leaving with beautiful bouquets of flowers for their sweethearts. The front aisles were lined with gorgeous blooms of all colors. It made me realize the importance of the day and companionship.

Friday, I went skiing after school. I had just scooted off the chair lift and was heading downhill when I heard a frightened voice saying, "I can't do this." "I'm scared!" As I approached the skier. I could see that she was a novice. Her partner beckoned to her from the bottom of the slope in a calm and assuring way.  "Yes, you can," he said. "You know how." "I am here." "Just take it slow and easy." "You'll be fine." A few minutes past, then she started moving, traversing the hill until her confidence was regained and the slope was more gradual. I reflected about the moment and realized it does take 2 for 1! What do you think?

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Eastern Idaho's Extreme!

plein air, 5" x 12", oil, 'The Frozen Snake River'

The weather in Eastern Idaho on Saturday, January 12, 2013 was so arctic I could hardly use my oils paints to create this plein air painting 'The Frozen Snake River'. My hands were so ice-cold even with insulated gloves and it didn't take long for my toes to feel the bite. The weekend temperatures dipped to -30 F with the wind chill.