Sunday, February 17, 2013

How Do I Become a Digital Citizen?

studio, 16" x 20", oil, 'Powder Delight'

I was told I was not a digital citizen but I could immigrate. WHAT?? Yah, it's true. People in my age group and older have difficulties in this digital age. It isn't intuitive as it is for those 28 years and younger.

I didn't grow up as a screenager like my granddaughters. Now days kids can handle remotes, Ipads, etc.
So how do you enter the digital country?
  • Be smart get a smart phone and use it!
  • Start a blog or spring clean your old blog. 
  • Sign up for Twitter and start lurking around. (Send me a tweet @Carol_Johansen.)
  • Start a Facebook page to promote your artwork and advertise your newsletters and workshops.
  • Post a painting demo on YouTube and link it to your website or blog.
  • Connect with other like minded artists on Pinterest, LinkedIn and Google+.
What do you think? Is it possible to become digitized?

Be fearless and enjoy the journey!

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