Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Nerves are Quaking!

studio, 9" x 12", oil, 'Up on Top of the Hill'

It was an ATV ride on the Skyline Drive that seemed to quite my mind and nervousness for decisions needing to be made. Fresh air, high elevation, and sunshine are a good mixture along with companionship. On the ride we met up with an old sheepherder tracking down his wandering ewes coming up a side hill on a quakie draw. The grizzled figure dismounted his horse, introduced himself, then shared stories and his sage advice about life. I felt like he was talking directly to my heart and soul, somehow knowing or sensing my circumstances of indecision. Never had I met him nor will I see him again but....I will never forget his intuition and common sense when our paths crossed up on top of the hill.   

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