Saturday, April 27, 2013

You Are What You Give

plein air, 9" x 12", oil, 'September Reservoir'

Escalante Petrified Forest State Park is located in beautiful southern Utah, just 44 miles east of Bryce Canyon National Park, outside the town of Escalante. Hike along park nature trails through a petrified forest, camp along the shores of Wide Hollow Reservoir. At the Visitor Center, view displays of plant and marine fossils, petrified wood and fossilized dinosaur bones over 100 million years old.

Wide Hollow Reservoir was constructed in 1954 to provide irrigation for the town of Escalante. The small reservoir is also popular for water sports including swimming, boating and fishing. Over time, the Wide Hollow Reservoir filled up with silt, so in 2009 the reservoir was drained.  The project included
reconstruction of the existing earthen dam to restore water storage capacity that had been lost to sedimentation and to bring the facility to present-day dam safety requirements.

This is what the Wide Hollow Reservoir looked like after completion in 2011. FANTASTIC!!

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