Sunday, April 7, 2013

Standards and the Limbo

plein air, 9" x 16", oil, 'Cedar Hills View'

Have you ever taken a shortcut to save time or money? Here are a few examples.
Jaywalking, no-bake cookies, hot gluing merit badges on a scout uniform, drying your hair with the car's heater on the way to work. Not always the safest route or the best quality but at least we get 'er done!

How about computer shortcuts to expedite online time? Easy, fast, and convenient, we want to compress time right? Nothing wrong with that, eh?  


A level of quality or attainment

                                                But what about standards of what matters most. Can they be set and then  changed for our weaknesses or conveniences?                         Does raising the bar make
 life easier or harder?        It may seem more difficult at first to raise 
our standards but isn't
 it like doing the limbo? The lower the 
bar gets the harder it gets to do. When 

we lower the bar of our standards doesn't life get harder too?                      Does the quality of our 
                        life change? What do you think?   

Can you limbo?

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