Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Horse Fat Camp

Meet my palomino paint mare named Lacey. When I picked her up from the spring pasture in June she was surprisingly over weight by over 300 lbs. Her front feet were sore from all the weight she had gained. She had a difficult time walking. The local vet said she had foundered and if she didn't loose weight she would become lame (unable to walk) and useless. She immediately went on a strict diet of eating only grass hay, no alfalfa hay, no grain of any kind, and no fresh feed. She was sparingly fed morning and evening throughout the summer and amazingly she has lost all of her excess weight. Now that it is fall, we have been building up stamina by riding short distances each day. I can see a big difference in her and how she feels. I am looking forward to keeping her healthy and myself!  


How do you like me now?

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