Monday, June 17, 2013

No More Techno-Phobia!

plein air, 7" x 5", oil, 'Accent Flowers'

Techno-phobia, is like other phobias, a fear or intense dislike, for technology. It displays a wide range of negative emotions, such as anxiety, incompetence, fear, stress and nervousness.

Symptoms of techno-phobia are:
  • Fear of computers and related technologies
  • Resistance to automating processes
  • Unwillingness to change from one system to another or one software to another
  • Highly critical of any technology changes or implementations
  • Passive resistance to new technology initiatives
  • Unwilling to attend training classes
  • Slow to learn new technologies
  • Providing excuses for not attending training sessions
  • Relentlessly arguing the lack of need for technologies
  • Pleading "the old way is the best way!"
  • Convincing colleagues that "I have made it this far without technology. Why now?"
Do you know someone who manifests these symptoms? Most individuals are unaware that these are symptoms of techno-phobia and even if they are aware, many individuals are reluctant to admit their phobia.

Technology is here to stay. It will not be going away! So, how can we prepare for a world that is so completely different from what it was a decade ago? 

Here's a few ideas: 
  1. Create a friendly learning environment. Educate people that failing a few times while learning new technologies is normal. In fact, the more you fail the more you learn!
  2. Help people take one small step at a time. Reward their efforts and be a mentor.
     3.  Have fun!

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