Thursday, March 7, 2013

A Dog or a Book = a Best Friend

plein air, 6" x 8", oil, '5th West Dog Walker'

My dog died last season. I have missed him. He was often at my side and anxious to go out into the fields while I painted the fleeting landscape or moving the farm's sprinkler lines during the summer. My husband didn't think our dog would live long after the cantankerous hereford bull knocked him around. That was in 2005. He out lived my husband by three years. Now, I miss both of them.

I found this quote by Groucho Marx while at a professional development class in Idaho Falls.

I have loved books my entire life. Mother would surprise me with a new book for Christmas or my birthday. There is something magical about holding a book, turning pages, and reading print. I was intrigued by the illustrations too. My sister (15 years older) had a great way of getting me to go to sleep at night when I was staying the summer with her and her young family. She would say "Here's a good book, have you read it?"

Books are a huge resource and reference for artists. With an investment in a good art library you have an arsenal as an artist. You can read what you have time and time again. Like a conversation with a best friend!

Jackson 1999-2012

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